Real Estate Rant!


The Home buying and selling process has been around for centuries and continually gets perfected. As consumers you have many tools at your disposal. With my the years in the Marine Corps, we can up with a title for Google, we called it Gunny Google. This came about because a Gunnery Sergeant in the Marine Corps had a wealth of knowledge, we called them Gunny and they could answer anything, when I say answer anything it could be do your research, or most the time give you what you needed. In the age of technology that research led us to Google, hence the name Gunny Google.

Nowadays Googling it gives us the answers we seek. So to not hide behind a smile and hard work I will tell you upfront that you need to be prepared. The process is long, stressful, may have a few road bumps, but in the end your agent, myself, to get the mission accomplished.

Some problems occur from home owners not knowing the laws to protect them. Easements is a term that scares some of us. this just means that someone has been granted a right to use part of your land or real property. When an easement is granted it protects you, if a neighbor needs to build a retaining wall to protect from excess water but it needs to extent onto you land an easement can be granted. This says you can use my land but I own it, if the neighbors house is protected because you allowed it this can save from having problems with your neighbors or worse their house being ruined from water damage and lowering the value of all homes in that neighborhood. That easement runs with the land, meaning it continues with the sale of either home. Over time people forget about these easements but there are filed with the recorder of deeds. If an easement is not given and the encroached upon property never says you can or can’t use my land, then the land owner encroaching can have a right to that portion of land.