Buying a home, use a Realtor


Working with Realtors and Real Estate Agents can be to your benefit. Realtors and Agents have many tools at their disposable to assist in your buying process. Find an agent that you like, we will work for your business it is what we do.

Consider this when looking for an agent: Meet with them, let them know what your looking for, give them your contact information(phone, email, address) and let them work for a few days and find some homes for you. This give you a few days to get to know how they work. If you don’t like how they are, opt out of their emails, a subtle hint you don’t want to work with them. If you don’t want to give your email create a new for the home buying process, like, this way if you change your mind about them you can give them your real email and show you mean business now.

After you have chosen a Realtor or Agent, if not me call me and tell me what I could have done better. The same goes if you shopped around for other agents, call them and just let them know what they could have done better or less, whatever the case maybe. Be considerate of your agent they will work hard for you but keep in mind helping you is their job. If your target area is hard or there are a lack of options another agent won’t have anymore luck than yours.

When looking for a home, be flexible. I’m not asking you to compromise but remember most homes where design but developers and built to what they thought the buyers wanted at that time. Sit down with your agent and only talk about what you want, do not include examples unless the agent had a few in mind or ask you to, we all work differently. Write them down what you must have and tuck it away, this will help you later if you search is going array.

Oh, did I mention, Sellers pay the commission. Buying service is free and a good agent can help you get the seller to pay some or all of your closing cost, that is extra money saved. That can give you extra money to pay on your down payment to your Mortgage Loan Company.